The Oktoberfest Trip
the oktoberfest trip

15 sept. - 2 okt. 2017, Munchen

Join the biggest popular fair in the world!

Hundred of thousands participants, dressed in their best lederhosen or Dirndls, old and young, fat and slim, all together in each others arms,singing with the marching band! This is Munich's Oktoberfest.

Well, beer drinking then?

The oktoberfest pours as much beer as you desire. Enormous sausages, with or without sauerkraut saus, many different distractions in every tents. Its the annual celebration of german hedonism. The mekka for epicureans!

What is the OktoberfesT?

The Oktoberfest is an annual popular party in Munich. Forget about Tomorrowland and Rock Werchter, Oktoberfest takes the crown: 6.5 million visitors each edition, its the biggest festival in the world.

A lot of people are confused about the dates for Oktoberfest as most of it takes place in September. Oktoberfest gets its name as it traditionally ends the first weekend of October, this it being the 1st of the month. The party kicks of 2 weeks earlier on the 16th of September when the mayor of Munich opens the first keg and yells: “O’zapft is!”


The first oktoberfest took place in 1810, celebrating the union of the Bavarian Prince and the Princess Theresa. A horse race was organized for the occasion, to bring even more people to the event. This race is the ancestor of the Oktoberfest, and it still takes place on the same grassland: the Theresienwiese.

The race's success made it grow each year, with at the beginning only one big tent and a few inhabitants from Munich. In two centuries, it evolved amazingly with 14 gigantic tents, and 6.5 million visitors from all over the world each year. The one true festival of beer and pleasure!

In 2017 it is already the 207th birthday of the festival. It will be a very special edition with an invasion of Dutch and Belgian beer enthousiasts!

  • The Theresienwiese
  • -
  • Das Festzelte
  • -
  • Bier und Plezier
  • -
  • Dirndl und Lederhose

The Programme!

Thursday or Friday

During all weekends of Oktoberfest busses will depart from various locations in the Netherlands and Belgium. These will either depart on Thursday or Friday evening between 20 and 23. The exact departure location and time will be communicated 2 weeks in advance.

Departure locations

WunderbaRe Statisticke VOn daS OktoberfesT


Back and Forth

During all weekends various busses will depart from the biggest cities of the Netherlands and Belgium. Is your city not on the list and are you with a group of at least 20 people? Send us a message and we will make sure you get picked up!

The Campsite

Hotel and other accomodations are so expensive during the festival that we decided to chose a cheaper option, more comfortable and easier. Only 30 minutes away from the Theresienwiese we will be setting up our own camp. Here 2, 3, or 4 person tents will be prepared for you with sleeping bags and air matrasses.

Temperatures are a bit warmer compared to the Belgian wheather.

Festival Entrance

Entrance for the festival and the massive tents is completely free. You 'll enter a tent and sit at one of the huge wooden tables, where you'll order quickly from one of the busty waitresses. Lederhosen for the gentleman, or Dirndl for the ladies isn't mandatory but is advised. You'll fit in easily, get your drinks faster, and be able to enter the tents faster.

We give everyone a booklet to find your way at the Wiesn, with things to do and not to do, to enjoy yourself and have the perfect festival experience.


Everyone registers individually through the online form on this website. Click here to register.

The Oktoberfest Trip costs 149 euro per person, that includes:

  • Tent, matras and sleeping bag on our campsite (showers, bathrooms, store, breakfast and guides are also present). All you have to take with you is a pillow.
  • Bus back and forth from various locations in Belgium and The Netherlands.
  • Enthousiastic animation by our veteran crew who will show you the best of Oktoberfest.

These are optionals:

  • Tabel reservation in a beer tent (send us an email for more details)
  • Canceling insurance (25 EUR pp)


The Oktoberfest Trip is a project by Yes-Trips and Route du Soleil. It's the second time we organize it.Contact us on

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